Urania ripheus back wing earrings

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Urania ripheus, also known as The Madagascan sunset moth is a day-flying moth of the family Uraniidae. It is considered one of the most impressive and colorful lepidoptera in the world. Lepidoptera are both moths and butterflies, so the fact that the most colorful lepidoptera is a moth, surprises many people. Famous worldwide, it is featured in most coffee table books on Lepidoptera and is much sought after by collectors. This moth is only found in Madagascar. The front wing is iridescent green with black stripes and the back wing is rainbow colored. We have these amazing wings available in front or back wing single wing earrings, single wing necklaces, and now in the whole Butterfly necklace. The wings are encased in a light weight resin. Each wing is approximately 1.5 inches long. This is the most colorful real wing jewelry on the planet, and our price is the most reasonable for this high quality item. The necklaces come with a stainless steel, silver colored chain. We also have the whole insect in a variety of framed options.

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