Triple rare moth frame

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Who said Moths are not as colorful as Butterflies? These three amazing moths upset that notion. This 6 x 10.5 frame features three of the most beautiful moths in the world.

Eterusia replete, a day flying moth belonging to the Zygaenidae family. It is found in Thailand and India; Dysphania militaris, a species of moth of the Geometridae family that can be found from the Oriental region to Sundaland, and Erasmis chinensis, a brilliant checkered little moth also belonging to Zygaenidae family. It is considered highly collectible because of it's rarity and gorgeous combination of teal and burnt orange markings. All three of these species together make this a remarkable and eye catching frame.

Shown on beige parchment. Also available on rose colored parchement (very pretty!)

For rose colored parchment please make a note in the "comment" section when checking out or contact us when you order.

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