High quality green computer mouse, wired and wireless models with Seahorses and other sea life
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Seahorse Computer Mouse with Green base

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This computer mouse makes an awesome gift for entomolgist, biologist, marine biologist, and more. Anyone who loves science will have to have one of the most uniquely styled computer mouse on the market today.

Seahorses come in a variety of styles. No two exactly alike! Choose a base color of pink, blue, purple, and green and receive a seahorse with other marine life from the sea displayed within. Due to the fact that these are all natural items, small variations will occur within each computer mouse style. Choose from seahorses w/ Green Base, or Sea Horse w/ Green and white base.

This computermouse is installed with multi-color lights that illuminate and change color!

Each mouse style has a real sea creatures encased within a highly durable, quality computer mouse. Compatible with Windows 8/7/ XP/Vista/ 98/2000/ME/ and MAC

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