Rainbow scarabs
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Rainbow scarabs

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Phanaeus imperator imperator, also known as “Rainbow dung beetles” are one of the most colorful of all dung beetles. Dung beetles are scarabs. The ancient Egyptians worshipped the “dung beetle” or sacred scarab (Scarabaeus sacer), because they saw the male dung beetle pushing his dung ball into a hole, from which, sometime after, young scarab beetles would emerge. Consequently, the Egyptians believed that like a god, male scarab beetles could reproduce without needing a female. What they of course did not realize was that the female beetle was already in the hole, waiting for the male to bring the dung ball, into which she then laid the eggs…Also, the ancient Egyptians often portrayed the dung beetle, or sacred scarab, as the god Rah, rolling the sun (or dung ball) across the sky. There are over 5000 species of scarabs or dung beetles worldwide. This beautiful pair is framed in a 5 x 7 inch frame. They are not large, but they make up for that with their glorious array of colors. We show several images, including one taken with flash, which emphasizes the colors.

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