Interesting Arthropod Peanut Head Bug Planthopper frame mounted.
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Peanut Head Bug Mounted Frame

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This fun 9 x 7 frame contains a “Peanut Head” Bug, which is a bug in the lanternfly family of insects. It is an unusual insect. The frame comes with an “informational” write up. ( The perfect “Adult” bug frame!) Price includes free shipping!!

Adults please note!!: Read the whole write up before buying this frame for children! If you would like a “modified” write up please let us know!!

The write up is as follows: “This Planthopper is found in Central and South America. It is known by a large variety of names, including lantern fly, peanut-head bug, alligator bug, machaca, chicharra-machacuy and jequitiranaboia. It protects itself by displaying fake eyes on its wings, and perhaps with its usual head. In several countries, such as Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela, there exists the myth that if somebody is bitten by the machaca, he or she must have sex within 24 hours to prevent death. For some reason, men seem to get bitten more often."

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