Papilio dardanus butterfly cream colored pale yellow male chocolate brown accents.
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Papilio dardanus butterfly on mirror base Frame

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  • Item #: 8 x 8pap-dar-mr
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This beautiful cream colored Swallowtail comes from Africa. Each one has slightly different markings, so much like a snowflake, yours will be one-of-a-kind! The species is broadly distributed throughout sub-Saharan Africa. The British entomologist E. B. Poulton described it as “the most interesting butterfly in the world” It can mock different species of swallowtails and has many differnt forms.

This photograph shows it mounted on mirror. one of the images is taken with a flash for greater clarity. The frame is 8 x 8, with a gold colored name tag under the speciman. If you would like it mounted on a parchment background please specify this in the "notes" section, or feel free to contact us with special requests.



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