Papilio Ulysses brilliant blue with black edges swallowtail.
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Papilio Ulysses Mounted on a 9×9 inch frame on mirror base

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 The famous Papilio Ulysses, also known as the Blue Mountain Butterfly, is a large Swallowtail found in Australasia It is brilliant blue. Papilio ulysses has a black outline and black tails. This butterfly is used as an emblem for New Zealand tourism. The images show this butterfly mounted on a mirror background.

We have both light and dark frames available. Our light color frames are honey oak color, and our dark color frames are a dark cherry color. You will be asked to choose frame color from the dropdown box when ordering.

 Please Note: We can mount this Butterfly on a different background, such as a white background or double sided glass. Please make a note in the “comment” section upon checking out, if you would like it mounted on something other than mirror. If you do not comment, we will mount your item on mirror, as shown.




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