Nephila pilipes
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Nephila pilipes

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Yikes! And I thought the "Banana spiders" in Florida were big! This creepy beastie is an Indonesian golden orb weaver. This species "nephila pilipes" is found in East Java. There are numerous species of Golden Orb weavers, sometimes called "Bananna Spiders". They are found all over the warmer regions of the world. This species, Nephila pilipes, is the largest species of Nephila and these specimens are the largest I've ever seen. We mounted them in 8 inch frames and they still almost touch the sides! The background shown is a replication of the yellow silk webs for which these spiders are famous. They tend to build "permanent" webs, repairing them as they get holes in them, thus after a while the webs tend to get a bit "messy".     Also, Nephila spiders are the oldest surviving genus of spiders, with a fossilized specimen known from 165 million years ago...I wonder if the dinosaures hated walking into a web face first...I know I do!

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