Multiple Morpho Blue Butterfly Collection! 12x16 Frame

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Morpho Multiple arrangement. This frame features the famous
blue Butterflies (Morphidae family) from South America.

Butterflies are on a cream colored background, in a 12×16 inch frame. Features:5 Morpho species, including the bright blue Morpho menelaus, a white mother of pearl iridescent morpho sulkowskyi (Plese note, we are currently out of Morpho sulkowskyi, but we will substitute another kind of morpho), and 4 other morpho species. The Butterflies are accented with a pink floral branch.

  Please note that every frame is a one-of-a-kind piece.The Floral branches will also vary slightly.


Please note that the abdomen (back body) is always removed on the male morphos, because it contains oil that will seep into the wings, turning them brown. It is completely acceptable and all major collections present morphos in this way. It does not detract from the value of the specimen at all.



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