Morpho didius iridescent metallic blue commonly called Giant Blue Morpho
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Morpho didius

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 Morpho didius is the largest of the "Big Blue Morphos". A very well know Butterfly, it is arguably one of the most popular Butterflies in the world. Many morphos are iridescent and their wings shimmer like blue aluminum foil. Some people have a hard time believing the color is real since it looks so metallic.

 This is a very large specimen and it is mounted in a 9 x 9 frame. We have this item mounted on mirror (main image), so you can see the brown, camouflaged back, or mounted on parchment (rose color shown, but beige is also available), or we can mount it on double sided glass. Also you can choose your frame color (light or our signature dark cherry color).


Please note that the abdomen (back body) is always removed on the male morphos, because it contains oil that will seep into the wings, turning them brown. It is completely acceptable and all major collections present morphos in this way. It does not detract from the value of the specimen at all.




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