Morpho Menelaus bright blue butterfly on 7x7 frame
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Morpho Menelaus bright blue butterfly on 7x7 frame

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 Morphidea is a family of Butterflies found only in South America. They are very well know around the world and Morpho butterflies, often very expensive, have always been prized by collectors, including notably these of Tsar of Russia, Peter the Great, the Austrian empress Maria Theresa and the Queen of Sweden.

Many morpho butterflies are colored in metallic, shimmering shades of blues and greens. These colors are not a result ofpigmentation, but are an example of iridescence through structural coloration.

 Morpho menelaus is a medium size morpho, that is a beautiful bright shade of blue.

 We can offer this specimen mounted on parchment or mirror. The mirror mounted specimen allows one to see the camouflaged back side of the specimen

 Please note that the abdomen (back body) is always removed on the male morphos, because it contains oil that will seep into the wings, turning them brown. It is completely acceptable and all major collections present morphos in this way. It does not detract from the value of the specimen at all.

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