Hypolimnas Dexithea butterfly, Glowing red orange with an electric blue scalloped border.
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Hypolimnas dexithea butterfly on mirror 7x7 frame

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  • Item #: 7x7hyp-dex-mr
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When people ask me what my favorite Butterfly is, I have to say :"Hypolimnas dexithea". With it's beautiful round "classic Butterfly" shape, irridescent blue scalloped back wings and striking colors, this one has it all. It comes from Madagascar.

Shown on a mirror background, this Butterfly is also available on parchment. Please let us know if you would like a parchment backing and if so, what color. The coices are: Classic antique parchment, green parchment or rose color parchment. Also, if you would like an alternate frame color please let us know.


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