Hemaris diffinia, clear wing sphinx moth, bumblebee sphinx moth
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Hummingbird sphinx moth Hemaris diffinis

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Hummingbird sphinx moth. This little moth is the famous clearwing Hummingbird sphinx moth: Hemaris diffinis, Also known as the Snowberry Clearwing or Bumblebee moth. It is a moth in the Sphingidae family. It flies during the daylight much like the other hummingbird moths, but it may also continue flight into the evening, particularly if it has found a good source of nectar. All sphinx moths hover, and that is why they are often
mistaken for Hummingbirds. This frame is 7 x 7 and the moth is pictured on a floral background, with a fade out image of one of its favorite flowers (Swamp milkweed; Asclepias incarnata) The scientific information is printed in the background as well. We offer many styles of this frame; with just silk flowers as well as without any floral on a plain background with just the name and Country of origin. Please make a not of background choice when ordering.

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