Goliath goliathus
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Goliath goliathus (New lower price!)

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While supplies last! We rarely get these huge beetles. This giant Goliath goliathus is in A1 condition and featured in an 8 x 10 cherry colored frame on antique parchment. This is the famous Goliath goliathus, one of the most sought after large beetles. His wings are spread and you can see the beautiful purple/green iridescent sheen on the under wings. His wing covers are dark brown velvet and of course he has the great black and white striped markings that the Goliath beetles are so famous for. These beetles are among the largest insects on Earth, if measured in terms of size, bulk and weight. They are members of subfamily Cetoniinae, within the family Scarabaeidae.

We have 2 sizes available. Please choose from the dropdown box. Price is size dependant.

These are museum quality mounted specimens, and we guarantee the best price for this framed insect!

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