Microstigma rotundatum
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Giant Damsel fly

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Microstigma rotundatum is a large Damselfly in the family of tropical damselflies, known as Helicopter Damselflies, Giant Damselflies or Forest Giants. The family includes the largest of all damselfly species. They specialize in preying on web-building spiders, and breed in phytotelmata, the word used to identify the small bodies of water held by plants such as bromeliads. Adults are exceptionally large for damselflies, with wingspans as wide as 7.5 inches and body length up to 5”. This framed specimen is in a 7 x 7 inch frame. In this species the wingtip has a beautiful yellow and gold colored spot. This beautiful and delicate specimen is mounted on a mirror. Please select if you would like a mirrored or plain white background. (Parchment backing)

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