Heteropteryx dilitata pair of Thorny Devils
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Collectors Heteropteryx dilitata pair Framed

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Heteropteryx dilitata pair.

These are a very large and beautiful member of the Phasmid group (stick insects) getting to an impressive adult size. Females are much larger and are lime green in color. Males are winged and can fly. Good thing too, because if he does not make a quick get-a-way he could be lunch. They are also known as Thorny Devils (ouch!) or Malaysian jungle nymph. The name jungle nymph comes from the fact that the female heteropteryx lays one of the largest eggs for any member of the phasmid family. This large dark cherry colored wood frame is 12 x 16 inches. The male and female heteropteryx are mounted on a branch background, with cream colored backing.

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