Chrysina auregans red form
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Chrysina auregans red form

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One only in stock! For serious collectors!

I’ve been waiting years to be able to offer this Chrysina auregans red form at a reasonable price! This is one of the rarest of all jewel beetles. This is the actual specimen you will receive. It has a nice amount of red highlights. There are multiple images, taken from different angles. These images have not been touched up or taken with a flash. It is mounted on parchment in a 5 x 7 frame.

We also offer Chrysina replendans (gold), Chrysina optima (silver) and Chrysina gloriosa (green and silver), but this is the most prized of all. These beetles are very popular among collectors; many species are polymorphic, with rare color variants that can command high prices. One such specimen like this one, was featured on the cover of National Geographic Magazine (see Jewel Scarabs at

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