Anycluris formosissima
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Anycluris formosissima

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  • Item #: 6 x 6 anycluris
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In South America, this butterfly is called a "living treasure" (the Latin name formosissima of this species, means “very beautiful”) and it is also called the Italian flag butterfly.Seems to me it could also be the "American Flag" Butterfly! Electric blue, white lines and red accents make this one of the most striking little butterflies in the world. This species is highly sought after and quite rare. It is a small Butterfly. The frame is 6"x 6". We show it mounted on mirror so you don't miss any aspect of this dazzeling little creature, but we can mount it on parchment. Just make a note in the "notes" section when you check out, or contact us.

Origin: South America

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