Amblypyga, phryna grossetaitai, South American Cave Spider, Harry Potter Spider
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Amblypyga, phryna grossetaitai

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The Amblypyga are their own order within the class of Arachnids. In spite of their common name “Cave Spider” or “Tailess whip scorpion” they are neither a scorpion nor a spider. Most of the Amblypyga species are subterranean or nocturnal. Phryna grossetaitai is one of the larger species. The Amblypyga are best known as the “Harry Potter Spider” because in one of the episodes an ablypyga was used as the model for the “spider” upon which the characters practiced the “cruciatus curse”. They were also eaten on the show “Fear Factor”. Either way, this arachnid is a wonderful educational addition to any “bug” collection. This frame is 10 x 12 inches.

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