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Decorate with real butterflies and insects. Let us share our ideas and solutions for your home or office. Real butterflies also make the best butterfly gifts for teachers who can turn their classrooms into interactive learning experience with not only real specimens, bugs, beautifully perserved ones too.

Want butterfly designs that make a fashion statement about who you are? Let us help with your own personalized custom creation of a real butterfly lamp, swirling butterflies in glass domes, or insect display frame go to our custom page for more details.

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    All of our framed butterfly designs are one of a kind, museum archival quality specimens in collector frames. Single or flurried filled real butterflies, insects, and scorpions. We also mount insects of all shapes and sizes too. And we have something for every budget in our real butterflies jewelry department. For electonic lovers we have an extremely fun computer mouse collection. We do offer quality custom made butterfly lamps your business or home.  Think big! here are plenty of good ideas for your favorite "bug" insect collection and arthropod collectors. Have you see our giant grasshoppers? All of our products make awesome unique gifts for doctor's offices, business entrances, friends and family, office associates, teens and something for scientifically minded kids too!

    Katja Hilton Amazing Butterflies are beautiful

     Amazing and Beautiful butterflies history by owner Katja Hilton.

    30 years of Butterfly Collecting and insect collections all started from a hobby. I started collecting Insects when I was eight, and my fascination continued all the way through college and into adulthood.  Today, my husband who is a wood worker, and I as an entomologist work together. We have our own shop where we produce museum qualtiy custom displays filled with gorgeous picture perfect real butterflies from around the world. I also mount and display fascinating real insects, spiders and scorpions from all over the world. We expanded our business to include other insect items, like butterfly jewelry, insect keychains with bugs in them, and earrings containing real scorpions, just to name a few things. We also carry a quality durable designer computer mouse collection containing all kinds of real critters, from sea creatures to scorpions to rhinosaus beetles, antler beetles, and other bugs. Each computer mouse is different and unique from any other computer mice on the market today. The best part is - they work really well. Browse through our website and enjoy the huge variety of items we have in stock! Let us make a custom butterfly dome or butterfly lamp for you today.

     Environmental Statement:

    Amazing & Beautiful Butterflies is an environmentally conscious company. Most of our Butterflies and Insects are raised in small local butterfly farms all over the world. This helps to preserve valuable rainforest habitat, because raising insects to sell provides income to these areas and offers an alternative to slash and burn farming or logging, thus preserving tropical forests. Another side effect of Butterfly farming has been “Eco-tourism”, which further preserves valuable habitat. Habitat destruction is the main threat to our natural environment, and Butterfly farming helps preserve the entire ecosystem. Furthermore, we believe catching and using butterflies from the wild is not only uneconomical, but the specimens are invariably damaged and of no use for this type of art.
    I also feel that our displays convey and show off the beauty and diversity of insects and hopefully encourage people, particularly the younger generation, to realize how important it is to preserve Natural areas and the beautiful creatures within them. 
    No butterflies or insects used in these displays are endangered species. All are legally imported into the US as regulated by the US Fish and Wildlife Department.
    This makes our butterfly displays the perfect environmentally friendly gift for teachers, scientists, private collectors, and anyone who appreciates the amazing beauty of Butterflies.

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